Hideo Iwaki - Asayama ichiden ryu taijutsu

Author : Hideo Iwaki
Title : Asayama ichiden ryu taijutsu
Year : 1996

Link download : Hideo_Iwaki_-_Asayama_ichiden_ryu_taijutsu.zip

In order to find the origins of martial arts in Japan we must look far back into the past. The people of ancient Japan, finding themselves in conflict with others, would have probably created taijutsu out of necessity, and we can also imagine that they would have used pieces of wood and stones as crude weapons. One can also imagine that, in due course, those possessing greater skill or strength would have taught their skills for the protection of their tribe or personal development. In the beginning, advances in the martial arts were based on actual cxpenences, and while reflecting the social conditions of the times they increased in kind and developed through the implementation of original ideas and the systemization of their contents. And so, modern jtljutsu includes such ancient systems as sumo, gyakudori,jujun, yawara, taijutsu, hoshu, yoroi kumiuchi, kogusolcu, koshinomawashi, and kenpo. ...

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