Hebbar Janardhana V. - Introduction to Ayurveda

Author : Hebbar Janardhana V.
Title : Introduction to Ayurveda
Year : 2013

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Chapter 1 : Ayurveda - A Unique Combination Of Way Of Life And Therapeutics. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian wisdom of health and healing. The word Ayurveda is composed of two words. Ayur - Life, Veda - Science. So, Ayurveda stands for science of life. Nowadays, especially in the western world, Ayurveda is more advertised as holistic way of living and a preventive and spiritual health science. Of course, it is true, but the scope of Ayurveda is not limited to preventive aspect of life and health. It extends even to curative and therapeutic aspects. Apart from preventive healthcare, Ayurveda offers effective treatment and medicines to lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc and degenerative disorders like arthritis, lack of memory etc. Efficacy of Ayurveda treatment encompasses a wide range of diseases of various systems such as respiratory system, digestive system, neuro-muscular system etc. ...

35 lectures

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