Hayes Stephen K. - The mystic arts of the Ninja

Author : Hayes Stephen K.
Title : The mystic arts of the Ninja Hypnotism, invisibility, and weaponry
Year : 1985

Link download : Hayes_Stephen_K_-_The_mystic_arts_of_the_Ninja.zip

As a small child of only five years old, I knew that it would be my destiny to be a part of the warrior tradition. Of course, at that age I hardly knew the words that would later be used to describe the outward manifestation of my quest through the realms of material and spiritual power. It took me twenty years of steady searching to find at last the teacher who could guide me to the knowledge I had sought. In a small Japanese inn tucked away in the center of Noda City, Japan, I at last had the opportunity to meet Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, headmaster of Bujinkan dojo and grandmaster of the ninja tradition. After that first night's brief introduction, I knew I could never ever go back to what I had been taught as the martial arts before that night, and there made a personal commitment that I would pursue that man's art throughout whatever it would take to achieve mastery. Little did I know that it would require an almost total realigning of my perceptions of all that is, and would require a lifetime of work before mastery could even begin to be realized. This volume and indeed the entire series of which it is a part, is therefore an acknowlcdgmer.t of my appreciation for all that has been shown and given to me by my teacher, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. Unique among master teachers of the warrior arts, all that he has attained in the way of enlightenment along the martial path serves to ever inspire those who would follow along after him. ...

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