Hardigree Peggy - The edible indoor garden

Author : Hardigree Peggy
Title : The edible indoor garden A complete guide to growing over 60 vegetables, fruits, and herbs indoors
Year : 1980

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Introduction. Snow is falling outside my window as I write this-the very first snowfall of the year-and for most of my friends and acquaintances, the gardening season has long been over. But for myself and many others like me, the gardening season is never over-it just becomes more rewarding when snow blankets the fields where others grew their summer crops. Lettuce and mustard fill a window box behind me, reminding me that sometime this week they are to be cut and used in a salad, probably in combination with the leeks, green onions, and garlic growing elsewhere in the apartment. The cucumber vines are setting their first fruit, the cherry tomato vines are bright with blossoms, and the eggplant is well on its way to maturity. The citrus crop looks promising this year, but I am beginning to wish I had set aside more space for strawberries-they are especially good when the bite of winter is in the air. Many people are surprised by the suggestion that such plants can grow to maturity indoors. Probably their surprise would be even greater if they were told that there is nothing new about the ideapeople have been growing food indoors for many centuries. Only the technology has changed, making this indoor gardening far easier than ever before. Engravings on Egyptian tombs indicate that the pharaohs attempted to grow citrus and other fruits in their indoor gardens. The degree of their success is not known, but others took up the effort and established that it could be done. Foremost among these was the Roman emperor Tiberius, who reigned from 14 to 37 A.D. Tiberius, pretty much like myself, had a passion for cucumbers-in or out of season. How to satisfy this passion was a problem he placed in the hands-or perhaps on the heads-of his gardeners. ...

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