Hamidovic Ermin - The systematic mixing guide

Author : Hamidovic Ermin
Title : The systematic mixing guide The practical handbook to make your tracks
Year : 2012

Link download :

Foreword. Thank you for purchasing the Systematic Mixing Guide. The guide is an independent release, and as such, every sale counts. Your honesty and integrity, in light of supporting the many years of research and accumulated experience which went into authoring this text is greatly appreciated. The forerunner to this guide originally appeared in its first iteration on an online forum. It was intended to provide a quick reference to newer members of the engineering community regarding common mix processes in the pop, rock and metal genres. As its scope expanded to detail ever more (sometimes indirectly) relevant information, it became obvious that it would need to be contained within something more holistic and structured. This eBook is the final result. It should be said outright that there is no universal philosophy to mixing. The basic gist of the process is to take a set of individual tracks and make them work in concert with each other. Everything beyond that is almost entirely subjective. This book details my personal approach to mixing - a mindset that I've tried to develop and refine in a way that, at least to me, is as rational and methodical as possible. My hope is to give you a kick start on your mixing journey, and overcome some of the many hurdles I struggled with at the beginning, hopefully in a single, large bound. My firm belief is that getting the right knowledge comes from knowing to ask the right questions. This book strives to detail and elucidate upon some of the main concepts behind mixing, as well as showing practical approaches to real situations, which should serve as solid starting points for your foundation as a mix engineer. Above all, I wanted to ensure that you were provided concrete, practical information regarding most topics, rather than just arbitrary ideas and theoretical dissertations. Having said all that, this book is not one for outright newcomers to the audio realm. It assumes some degree of understanding and competency with basic audio tools and principles. If you don't feel comfortable at the very least operating tools such as DAWs, equalizers, compressors, reverbs, delays, or understand concepts such as phase, frequency and decibels, then it may be worth consolidating this knowledge before reading on. After putting down (or digitally closing, as it may be) this book, I would hope that you would be more well equipped to deal with any sessions thrown your way and know where to look down the track for further experience and knowledge as your career continues to develop. Happy reading, Ermin Hamidovic. Owner, Engineer & Producer - Systematic Productions. ...

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