Foxfire - Folk remedies

Author : Foxfire
Title : Foxfire 9 Folk remedies
Year : 1977

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Concerning the remedies we have printed, a note of caution is appropriate: we have tested none of these remedies ourselves, and though we do not dispute their efficacy, we must warn that—due to the pressure of the interview situations, or tape noise and interference, or the failure of the human memory—essential ingredients or quantities may have been misunderstood or left out; and the names of ingredients such as plants, because they are frequently called my their common colloquial names around here, may be misleading. In addition, several of the plants advocated (yellow ladyslipper, for example) may be on the endangered species lists. For the above reasons, we cannot advocate or stand behind the actual use of these remedies, and we do not encourage you to employ them. We present them here purely for their historical and cultural interest, not as viable alternatives to modern medicinal products. ...

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