Eskin Michael - Dictionary of nutraceuticals and functional foods

Authors : Eskin N. A. Michael - Tamir Snait
Title : Dictionary of nutraceuticals and functional foods
Year : 2006

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Preface. The current emphasis in preventative medicine encourages healthy lifestyles such as a balanced diet and exercise. In recent years a balanced diet has focused on ensuring functional foods are part of our diet. Functional foods are similar in appearance to conventional foods, but in addition to providing basic nutritional components, have physiological benefits that can reduce the risk of chronic diseases. The bioactive components responsible for the health benefits of functional foods are referred to as nutraceuticals. The past decade has witnessed a dramatic expansion in research activities worldwide to identify new functional foods and nutraceuticals. The latter will hopefully enhance the health and wellbeing of an aging population. Research on functional foods and nutraceuticals is scattered throughout the scientific literature with only a very few journals devoted specifically to nutraceuticals. We have attempted to bring together, in a concise and informative manner, some of the literature published on 480 functional foods and nutraceuticals. This dictionary, which is more of a mini-encyclopedia, provides the reader with useful information on the nature of the bioactives in functional foods and their reported efficacy in cell cultures, animal studies, and, in some cases, human clinical trials. In addition to providing the structures of some of the bioactives or nutraceuticals, data showing their efficacy are also included. The information is presented alphabetically with some areas more extensively researched in the literature than others. We hope this book will prove a useful resource for researchers, teachers, as well as those working in the functional food and nutraceutical industry by providing reliable and accurate information based solely on peer-reviewed literature. The authors acknowledge the professional help afforded by the staff of Taylor & Francis as well as the assistance of Marie Speare, reference librarian at the University of Manitoba. The authors are particularly appreciative of the support given by their respective families and academic institutions in preparing this unique volume. N.A.Michael Eskin. S.Tamir. ...

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