Elwood David - Jeet Kune Do Devastating fighting techniques

Authors : Elwood David - Nardi Thomas J.
Title : Jeet Kune Do Devastating fighting techniques
Year : 1996

Link download : Elwood_David_-_Jeet_Kune_Do_Devastating_fighting_techniques.zip

This book presents devastating Jeet Kune Do fighting techniques. The techniques cover the three ranges of combat: Long (or kicking) Range, Medium (or boxing) Range, and Close (or trapping/grappling) Range. To be a truly complete fighter, one must be able to function in all three combat ranges. A “total approach” fighter has no one range that he prefers – he can fight effectively in all ranges. He does not need to set up his techniques because, as Bruce Lee said, he is responding like an echo to the opponent. The experienced reader will be able to recognize the source of some of these techniques. In true JKD style, the techniques are eclectic, drawn from many different arts. They are unified in their effectiveness. In JKD, techniques that work are endorsed; those that are too stylized or embroidered, are discarded. The discerning reader will recognize the influence of thai, kali, boxing, judo, etc. within these pages. Remember Bruce Lee’s admonition; do not mistake the finger pointing to the moon for the moon. Learn these techniques as well as you can by practicing them repeatedly. Learn how and when to apply them, and then forget them. Let them be automatic so that you do not need to “remember” them. Do you have to remember to walk, talk, or eat? Of course not. You once had to learn these skills but now you no longer need to “remember” how to perform them. Now you just do them. So, too, allow these techniques to become as natural and as automatic as walking, talking, or eating. These techniques are extremely dangerous. Be careful in practicing them and even more cautious in deciding to use them “for real” in self-defense. ...

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