DeAngelo David - Sexual Communication Workbook

Author : DeAngelo David
Title : Sexual Communication Workbook
Year : 2003

Link download :

Some Men Are Amazingly Successful With Women. Here are a few bizarre examples from some of my highly successful friends: Robert dates only extremely beautiful blonde women, but when we run into one while we're out, he holds his head high and his drink straight up in front of him and just keeps sipping from it, almost arrogantly. Chris can walk up to any stunningly beautiful girl and say "Hey" in a totally comfortable way, and in most cases women respond to him within minutes with teasing and flirting-everywhere he goes, he's always got a date. Greg hooks up with a women every time he goes out, and has a specific behavior he uses: once he meets a girl he likes, soon after they start talking he confidently leads her from one part of the club to another, e.g. from the bar to the dance-floor. He doesn't ask, he just leads. Anthony was at a club with his super-attractive, super-personality girlfriend and she wandered around while we talked. Every few minutes she'd walk back to our table and put her arms around him or kiss him, but no matter what she did he wouldn't reorient his upper body towards her. He might turn his head to kiss her, but otherwise he'd allow HER to meet HIS position. When Eric reaches sexual tension in conversation or the woman shows some sign meaning "I can't believe you just said that" he just squints at her and says "yeah" in a calm, satisfied tone. David blatantly checks out women's bodies, and if they comment on it, just says "Hold on, I'm not finished" Terry, dances with one woman, then another, then another... and pays no attention to any of them afterwards-until the women eventually make their way to him, standing around and trying to catch his attention. Rick dates super-hot bisexual women only-frequently and easily, and asks new women he meets if they're bisexual within the first 5 minutes. Asked for an opinion of a very sexy dress by an attractive girl trying on clothes, Simon responded casually "Do you have anything else?" Rick intensely busts women's balls mercilessly wherever he goes, even the hottest stripper in a club-standing naked before him-gets made fun of, and somehow always has them kissing him in minutes, and they often just go home with him. Craig, walks through the bar and introduces himself to every girl in the entire place first, then simply walks away. Another friend insists that you have to make your approach within 3 seconds of making eye contact with a woman or it's all over. One night I met a girl and our first interaction was an argument, a real verbal fight, but 60 to 90 minutes later she was sitting in my lap, rubbing herself all over me until her friend begged me to ask her for her number because she wasn't going to leave until I had taken it. None of these stories make any kind of ‘logical’ sense. They sound like flukes, they sound counter-intuitive. So what's going on here ? ...

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