De la Forêt Rosalee - Alchemy of herbs

Author : De la Forêt Rosalee
Title : Alchemy of herbs Transform everyday ingredients into foods & remedies that heal
Year : 2017

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Foreword. How wonderful it has been in my more than 40 years as a practicing herbalist to watch herbalism emerge from its place in the “underworld.” Interest in herbalism - the art and science of healing with plants - has grown in leaps and bounds, especially in the past few decades. This legitimate healing system had been marginalized and pushed deeply underground by the advent of modern pharmaceutical medicine and the “age of chemicals.” But from relative obscurity, it is now flowering and has taken its honorary place among other healing professions. Herbs offer so much, not only in health and healing but also as a way of life. They provide beauty, balance, and sanity in a world that sometimes seems to have gone awry. Imagine a world without herbs . . . It’s impossible! Without plants, life as we know it wouldn’t exist. We need this chlorophyll-rich, carbondioxide breathing, nutrient-dense mass of green matter to breathe, live, and be ! Like the tenacious plants that this healing system is based upon, herbalism has rooted deeply in the consciousness of our communities once again - thank goodness! But questions and confusion come along with this rekindled interest in herbalism, as people try to sort through information on herb safety, how to use herbs, which herbs to use, how to prepare them, how much to take. Ultimately, each person is asking, which herb is best for me ? Over the thousands of years of herbal usage, people around the world have developed systems that help explain the hows, whens, and whys of using certain herbs. The best of these systems or traditions have been preserved and passed down. In India, Ayurveda medicine, known as the Science of Life, is a composite of over 5,000 years of recorded plant use for health and healing. Likewise, in China a very sophisticated system of healing evolved over several thousand years; the best of that wisdom was encapsulated into a highly effective system termed Tradition Chinese Medicine (TCM). In North, Central, and South America, many different systems of herbal healing were developed by the indigenous cultures that thrived on these plant-rich continents. All around the world in places as diverse as Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, and the Mediterranean, herbal traditions evolved and were passed down through the ages. No wonder herbalism can seem so overwhelming, confusing, and sometimes even conflicting... Where does one start to begin to understand this ancient, complex, often contradictory and multifaceted system(s) of health and healing ? ...

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