Daunderer Max - Amalgam

Author : Daunderer Max
Title : Amalgam
Year : 2000

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Introduction. When you read this book for the first time, you are likely to be surprised by the author's directness. In the face of the suffering that he has witnessed in many years of practice, Dr Daunderer has become an outspoken advocate for the victims, and it is out of concern for them that he does not mince his words. Since this booklet is not adressed to the medical professional, but rather to the patient (the first editions were named "Amalgam - Information for Patients"), it focuses on explaining the methods and effects as they are relevant to the layperson. It does not devote space to documenting clinical evidence and therapy results, about which the author is often asked. They can be found in his 2200 page "Handbook of Amalgam Poisoning", available - so far only in German - directly from Dr Daunderer My gratitude goes to Dr Max Daunderer for his help with this translation, and to Heinz Pscheidl for the inspiration to do it. May it help to disperse the heavy gray cloud over our lives that we call amalgam. Georg Schmidt, Jerusalem, October 2000. ...

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