Cobb Jim - Prepper's survival hacks

Author : Cobb Jim
Title : Prepper's survival hacks
Year : 2015

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Introduction. This book is very different from the others I’ve written. Many readers of my previous books have asked for more photos. The thing is, in my other books, there really wasn’t a whole lot that warranted illustration. I mean, sure, I could have included some sort of stock photo of a bunch of people standing around to accompany the topic of group versus individual survival planning. But, really, would that photo have added any true value to the book? As an author, I’ve always tried to be conscious of what I’m providing to the reader in exchange for their hard-earned dollars. As a reader myself, I’ve been suckered more than once by a flashy cover and some nifty graphics, only to find the text lacking. Too many writers look at photos and graphics as padding, rather than as actually adding value to the book. They look at photos, charts, diagrams, and all that fun stuff as a great way to add pages to the book, and that’s about it. While a picture might indeed be worth a thousand words, it doesn’t necessarily follow that a picture can fully replace all of those words. A great example of how photos are supposed to work can be found in any of my good friend John McCann’s books, such as his excellent Practical Self-Reliance. He not only understands when a photo is needed, he’s one hell of a photographer. Leafing through the book you’re holding (or scrolling through the pages on your tablet), you’ll no doubt notice there are a ton of photos. To be honest, this book was a pain in the butt to create because of all those pictures. I’m not a photographer. I have a couple of friends who are, and they no doubt cringe and wince at any photos I post online or share with them. The composition is likely all messed up and the photo probably isn’t framed the way it should be. ...

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