Bretherton Caroline - Sprouted

Author : Bretherton Caroline
Title : Sprouted Seeds, grains & beans Power up your plate with home-sprouted superfoods
Year : 2017

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What are sprouts ? Sprouts are immature plants - the little shoots that begin to grow when a seed germinates. They're healthy, delicious, and easy to grow at home. How a seed sprouts The sprouts we eat come from seeds that have been soaked in water, which jump-starts the germination process. Within a dormant seed is everything a plant needs to grow. Once the seed has been soaked, compounds that protect against early germination are neutralized and chemical changes begin to occur. Enzymes are produced to allow the growing sprout to access the nutrients within the seed. As the developing sprout grows, it is nourished by complex carbohydrates and proteins, which are broken down into simple sugars and amino acids. With these nutrients available, the cells multiply quickly, producing a little sprout in just a few days. ...

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