Berger Anthony - Improve Your Looks by 3 Notches

Author : Berger Anthony
Title : Improve Your Looks by 3 Notches Go from a 5 to an 8 - a 3 to a 6 - an 8 to 11 !!!
Year : 2001

Link download :

Grooming. Why? “Why is grooming, clothes and visual appearance important? Why can’t I just be myself and find someone who wants to be with me because she likes my personalities, intellect or friendship? “ This is common mistake. Most guys think that women will want them for who they are. I used to think that, my brother was thinking that till I slapped it out of him. To keep you from giving you the full explanation, here’s the short version as to why you should groom, wear nice (cool) clothes and keep your visual appearance to the max: Women only want one-night stands with clean guys. Think about it. If you were a chick, would you sleep with the good looking (let’s say a 9/10) yet stinky guy with the pizza face and bullet whole in his shirt, or would you go for the ok looking (6/10) fellow with the suit and Tag Heuer watch? If you are still unsure, answer me this: Which one looks like they showered today? If you are about to get into a heated one-night stand, you want your partner to be as clean as possible. ...

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