Berenson Alex - Unreported truths about COVID-19 and lockdowns

Author : Berenson Alex
Title : Unreported truths about COVID-19 and lockdowns Part 1 Introduction and death counts and estimates
Year : 2020

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Introduction. I’m as surprised as you are that I’m writing this booklet. When the coronavirus first emerged in China in January, I was researching American drug policy, working on a follow-up to Tell Your Children, my 2019 book on the mental health risks of cannabis. But I couldn’t stop reading about the virus – officially called SARS-COV-2. On conventional and social media, the news worsened by the day. Hospitals in the 10-million-person Chinese city of Wuhan were overrun. Videos on Twitter showed people dropping dead in the street and hospitals filled with body bags. Epidemiologists and scientists predicted the coronavirus would ravage other Chinese megacities. In mid-February, the crisis seemed to pause. But by the end of the month, the coffins were stacking up in northern Italy, and the lockdowns beginning. Meanwhile, the United States reported its first deaths, at a nursing home in Seattle. By early March I genuinely feared the United States might face an outbreak that would kill millions of Americans and potentially destabilize the nation. I loaded up on food for our family, bought the last N95 masks I could find at the local Wal-Mart, watched the stock market plunge. ...

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