Agur Anne M. R. - Dalley Arthur F. - Grant's Atlas of Anatomy

Authors : Agur Anne M. R. - Dalley Arthur F.
Title : Grant's Atlas of Anatomy
Year : 1943

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DR. JOHN CHARLES BOILEAU GRANT • 1886-1973 by Dr. Carlton G. Smith, M.D., Ph.D. (1905-2003) Professor Emeritus, Division of Anatomy, Department of Surgery Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. Toronto, Ontario, Canada Dr. J.C. Boileau Grant in his office, McMurrlch Building, University of Toronto, 1946. Through his textbooks, Dr. Grant made an indelible impression on the teaching of anatomy throughout the world. (Courtesy of Dr: C. G. Smith.) The life of Dr. J.C. Boileau Grant has been likened to the course of the seventh cranial nerve as It passes out of the skUll: complicated, but purposeful. He was born In the parish of Lasswade In Edinburgh, Scotland, on February 6, 1886. Dr. Gmnt studied medicine at the University of Edinburgh from 1903 to 1908. Here, his skill as a dissector in the laboratory of the renowned anatomist, Dr. Daniel John Cunningham (1850-1909), earned him a number of awards. Following graduation, Dr. Grant was appointed the resident house offtcer at the lnflrmary In Whitehaven, Cumberland. From 1909 to 1911, Dr. Grant demonstrated anatomy in the University of Edinburgh, followed by two years at the University of Durflam, at Newcastle-on-Tyne in England, in the laboratory of Professor Robert Howden, editor of Gray's Anatomy. With the outbreak of World War I in 1914, Dr. Grant joined the Royal Army Medical Corps and served with dlstlnctlon. He was mentioned In dispatches In September 1916, received the Military Cross In September 1917 for "conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during attack," and received a bar to the Military Cross in August 1918. In October 1919, released from the Royal Army, he accepted the position of Professor of Anatomy at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada. With the frontline medical practitioner in mind, he endeavored to "bring up a generation of surgeons who knew exactly what they were doing once an operation had begun." I Devoted to research and learning, Dr. Grant took interest In other projects, such as performing anthropometric studies of Indian tribes in northern Manitoba during the 1920s. In Winnipeg, Dr. Grant met catriona Christie, whom he manied in 1922. Dr. Grant was known for his reliance on logic, analysis, and deduction as opposed to rote memory. While at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Grant began writing A Method of Anstomy, Descriptive and Deductive, which was published in 1937. In 1930. Dr. Grant accepted the position of Chair of Anatomy at the University of Toronto. He stressed the value of a "clean" dissection, with the structures well defined. This required the delicate touch of a sharp scalpel, and students soon learned that a dull tool was anathema. Instructive dissections were made available In the Anatomy Museum, a means of student review on which Dr. Grant placed a high priority. Illustrations of these actual dissections are included in Grant's Atlas of Anatomy. The first edition of the Atlas, published in 1943, was the first anatomical atlas to be published in North America. Grant's Dissector preceded the Atlas in 1940. Dr. Gmnt remained at the University of Toronto until his retirement In 1956. At that time, he became Curator of the Anatomy Museum In the University. He also served as Visiting Professor of Anatomy at the University of california at Los Angeles, where he taught for 10 years. Dr. Grant died in 1973 of cancer. Through his IBaching method, still presented In the Grant's textbooks, Dr. Grant's life Interest-human anatomy lives on. In their eulogy, colleagues and friends Ross MacKenzie and J. s. Thompson said, "Dr. Grant's knowledge of anatomical fact was encyclopedic, and he enjoyed nothing better than sharing his knowledge with others, whether they were junior students or senior staff. While somewhat strict as a teacher, his quiet wit and boundless humanity never failed to impress. He was, In the very finest sense, a scholar and a gentleman. ...

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