Maltz Maxwell - The New Psycho-Cybernetics

Author : Maltz Maxwell
Title : The New Psycho-Cybernetics The Original Science of Self-Improvement and Success that Has Changed the Lives of 30 Million People
Year : 1960

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The year 2000 was the 40th anniversary of the publication of Dr. Maltz's original Psycho-Cybernetics. The book has sold over 30 million copies in all of its different editions worldwide, inspired a number of audio cassette programs for individuals as well as complete training programs created for corporations, sales organizations, even sports teams. In the 2000 Olympics, for example, the coach of the U.S. equestrian team used Psycho-Cybernetics techniques, as she has with other teams for many years. In many ways, Psycho-Cybernetics is the original science of selfimprovement. I make that statement for three principal reasons: First, Dr. Maltz was the first researcher and author to understand and explain how the self-image (a term he popularized for certain processes within the subconscious mind) has complete control over an individual's ability to achieve (or fail to achieve) any goal. Second, everything written, said, recorded or taught about selfimprovement since Maltz wrote has derived from his work. Try and find any book on success or self-improvement written since 1960, right through to yesterday, that does not include a discussion of selfimage and the techniques for improving and managing it-notably including visualization, mental rehearsal, and relaxation-and you'll realize how crucial the work of Maltz still is. The relatively young "science" of sports psychology, relied on heavily by professional golfers, sports franchises, coaches, and Olympians, owes an enormous debt, occasionally acknowledged, to Psycho-Cybernetics. Third, unlike philosophical musings about success, PsychoCybernetics is, in fact, scientific: It provides practical things to do (not just think about), that yield quantifiable results. What is unique about Psycho-Cybernetics is that it offers techniques that help make whatever was once difficult easy. In short, whether you set out to lose weight and keep it off, lower your golf score, double your income in selling, become a confident public speaker, write the great American novel, or achieve any other imaginable goal, in order to succeed, you will use PsychoCybernetics techniques, either directly from Dr. Maltz or some other source influenced by his work. By acquiring this book, you have gone to the first and still foremost source. It is significant that, with very little publicity or marketing, the original Psycho-Cybernetics book has had such amazing longevity, and is now a classic in its field. Today, just as ten, twenty, and thirty years ago, sales managers tell recruits, coaches tell athletes, consultants tell clients: Get and read this book. Now I dare to update the classic. In doing so, I have set out to preserve much of the original content; much of it, in fact, is unchanged; some has been modestly updated in language or example. To integrate it with other works of Dr. Maltz, I have added my own observations and lessons learned from teaching Psycho-Cybernetics techniques along with examples and stories submitted by many users of these techniques and culled from others' books referencing these techniques. Throughout, I have tried to maintain Maltz's original voice. Over the years since 1960, Dr. Maltz and those who followed him devoted increasing emphasis to translating the principles and concepts of Psycho-Cybernetics into actual, practical "mental training exercises," and I've included a number of those as well. All things combined, this is the most complete Psycho-Cybernetics work ever published. My own experiences with Psycho-Cybernetics began in childhood, when I used it to conquer a stubborn, rather severe stuttering problem. I've gone on to enjoy a 20-year career as a professional speaker, in recent years addressing audiences as large as 35,000 and, in total, over 200,000 people annually. In adult life, I returned repeatedly to these techniques in my sales, consulting, and business activities, to assist me in my prolific writing career-nine published books, a monthly newsletter, over 50 different audio cassette programs, and as an advertising copywriter, my primary vocation. For example, using Psycho-Cybernetics, I am able to give my subconscious mind certain instructions and put it to work on a writing assignment before going to sleep at night or taking a nap, wake up, instantly put fingers to keyboard and "download," pour out what the subconscious wrote while I slept. Not long ago, I climbed into a sulky and became a harness racing driver (at age 46), and found myself relying heavily on Psycho-Cybernetics. In my business life, I have worked with many millionaire and multimillionaire entrepreneurs, including some who have risen from poverty or financial disaster and others who have started from scratch and rapidly built empires. Most of them use these techniques. Many trace their understanding of them directly to Dr. Maltz, as I do. I first began working directly with Psycho-Cybernetics as a writer, editor, and publisher in the late 1980s. At the time, I worked with Dr. Maltz's widow, Anne Maltz, and a university associated with her, to develop a collection of audio tapes featuring Dr. Maltz's lectures, radio broadcasts, and interviews. Since then, I've been directly involved in the first book ever written featuring Psycho-Cybernetics specifically for salespeople, titled Zero Resistance Selling, an audio program The New Psycho-Cybernetics, book-on-tape programs, a 12-week home study course, and a monthly newsletter as well as special editions of programs for certain professions, industries, corporations, and international translation. My point is that I've lived and worked with-and benefited from-Psycho-Cybernetics my entire life. I was told by Anne Maltz that she had difficulty telling my writing on this subject apart from her late husband's. That was an enormous compliment. I hope she was right, and that this expanded and updated version of the original comes across to you seamlessly, in one voice, Dr. Maltz's, as if he were here to prepare it himself. If you have comments, I would enjoy hearing from you via fax at 602-269-3113, or mail c/o The Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, 5818 N. 7th Street, Suite #103, Phoenix, AZ 85014. If you would like to read back issues of the Foundation's newsletters, you may access them at I sincerely believe that you hold in your hands one of the most powerful tools for self-improvement and goal achievement available anywhere, at any time, at any price. It has been my privilege to have a small part in bringing it to you. Dan S. Kennedy. ...

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