Spittle Bruce - Fluoride Fatigue

Author : Spittle Bruce
Title : Fluoride Fatigue FLUORIDE POISONING: is fluoride in your drinking water—and from other sources—making you sick?
Year : 2009

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The focus of this book is the fatigue, not relieved by sleep, and various other symptoms experienced by many when they drink fluoridated water. As such it is not a comprehensive account of fluoride toxicity but looks at only a part of the overall picture. Fluoride is ingested from other sources apart from fluoridated water such as pesticides, post-harvest fumigants, air, food, salt, medications, toothpaste, dental restorations, and health supplements. Fluoride also causes other illness such as osteosarcoma and hip fractures. Fluoridated water may be having its most devastating effects on the most vulnerable, those in utero and infants less that one year old, whose brains are most sensitive to developmental neurotoxins such as fluoride.a When body weight is taken into account, non-nursing infants receiving formula made with water fluoridated at or near the level of 1 mg fluoride (F)/litre (L) or 1 part per million (ppm), less than one year old, have been estimated to have a fluoride intake on average of about three times that of adults (0.086 mg/kg/day of F for infants compared to 0.03 mg/kg/day of F for adultsb). About 30% of children in fluoridated areas have chalky white areas on the teeth due to dental fluorosis. However the mottled appearance is due only in part to the presence of fluoride per se in the erupted teeth and is a sign that fluoride resulted in a thyroid hormone deficiency during a critical time of tooth development, from in utero to approximately 30 months for deciduous teeth (milk teeth, the first teeth to erupt) and permanent incisors (the upper and lower two teeth on each side, closest the midline, and medial to the canine teeth).c Thyroid hormone is the crucial regulator of all the tissue-specific differentiation programmes during development and appropriate levels are critically important for the coordination of developmental processes. When fluoride reduces the level of thyroid hormone during tooth development, by activating a calcium-transducing G-protein receptor G q/11, there is delayed tooth eruption, delayed removal of enamel matrix proteins, and delayed enamel maturation. The evidence of the deficiency is seen later with mottled teeth. While the teeth are developing so also is the brain. There is a growing concern about the effect of fluoride on the developing brainb and a possible connection between fluoride and autism has been queried. ...

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