Hillson Beth - Gluten-free Makeovers

Author : Hillson Beth
Title : Gluten-free Makeovers Over 175 recipes - from Familly Favorites to Gourmet Goodies * Made Deliciously Wheat-Free
Year : 2011

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I began cooking in earnest in the early seventies inspired by Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, a gift that arrived just before I was diagnosed with celiac disease. At the time, I was living in Frankfurt, Germany, a new and foreign city to me, and figured I could meet all my neighbors, German and American, if I threw a cocktail party. I cooked my way through Julia’s book and created a feast that people talked about for months afterward. I loved the rewards, both to my tummy and my social life. But, oh, the tummy—it had been a problem for years. Several doctors made my acquaintance over that time and each sent me away with a vague instruction—avoid milk, see a psychiatrist, take antacids. Finally an astute physician took my case and ran every test imaginable, eventually giving me a flexible tube (the Crosby Capsule) to swallow. Several hours later, he took a biopsy of my small intestine and, on my next visit, announced triumphantly, “It’s celiac disease.” The doctor handed me a photo of my biopsy, blunted villi and all, and told me I would recover completely as long as I followed a gluten-free diet. Then he turned me loose with these words: “Just avoid gluten.” It was 1976 and I was alone, no cooks by my side, no support groups where I could have my questions answered and no products to purchase. I was feeling healthy but isolated. One week on the diet and I was a new woman, but with an appetite that I could not satiate. The prospect of eating naked burgers, plain steaks, and baked potatoes for the rest of my life was not appealing. Through Julia Child, I had seen a new world of food. My taste buds were enthusiastic; my fingers, eager stewards. What had been awakened and excited could not be put back on the shelf because of dietary restrictions. So I created a plan. I would go to culinary school and learn to eat defensively. I would learn how dishes were made, how soups were thickened, which meats were dusted in flour. I would learn how to ask the crucial questions when I ate in restaurants. I was determined that being gluten-free was not going to stop me from enjoying life and food. Being a glass-half-full person, I quickly realized that the recipes from cooking school held other secrets. I was standing at the back door of the culinary world looking in at the elements of baking and of cooking. If I removed flour and other offending ingredients and replaced them with the ingredients that were safe, I could create a recipe that came close to the real thing, only gluten-free. I would simply learn to make the same recipes, but make them differently —without gluten. Voilà! I did not need to give up eating good food after all. I could omit the flour if a stew called for a roux and thicken it with cornstarch. I could add rice flour and cornstarch to a soufflé or a génoise and the results were perfect. Success after success, tasty treat after tasty treat, I was making over regular recipes so they were safe for my gluten-free diet. The next step was discovering that a blend of gluten-free flours worked better than using straight corn flour or rice flour. The grit and crumbly texture could be overcome when I used a blend, preferably one that contained a high protein flour (see chart, page 14). At that moment, I did not realize my future was in these recipes and techniques. But when I began blending dry ingredients for breads, pancakes, and cakes, something much larger was developing. These principles became the foundation for the Gluten-Free Pantry, a gourmet baking mix company that I started in 1993. Soon, I was making big batches of dry ingredients for myself and a few others and one of the first gluten-free companies in the United States began. Not only was I enjoying convenient, great tasting baked foods, but I was giving that pleasure to other people who needed a glutenfree diet. The gift of my experimentation was seeing that enjoyment on their faces and hearing it in their voices. Making over mainstream recipes has been my passion, my personal challenge for thirty-five years. When I see something I want to try, I simply reinvent it so it is safe to eat. I delight in creating everything from coffee cake to croissants, breads to scones, and everything in between. And I’m the first in line when the sampling begins. Gluten-y is truly its own reward. As mixes became the foundation of Gluten-Free Pantry, my new flour blends became the basis for Gluten-Free Makeovers, a book that not only offers delicious recipes, but also techniques that can become your foundation, your ticket to great gluten-free baking and cooking in your own kitchen. So put on your apron, plug in your mixer, and get ready to embark on a yummy gluten-free adventure, a Gluten-Free Makeover. ...

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