Heimbach Elizabeth - Latin

Author : Heimbach Elizabeth
Title : Latin Everywhere, Everday A Latin Phrase Workbook
Year : 2004

Link download :

Sometimes people say that Latin is a dead language, but Latin is not dead; it is everywhere! When you get an invitation to a party that begins at 8 P.M., you know the event will be in the evening because P.M. stands for the Latin words post meridiem, which mean “after noon.” When you add a message to a letter or an e-mail, you write P.S., the abbreviation for the Latin words post scriptum, which mean “after the writing.” When you go into a drugstore and see a sign with the letters Rx, you are looking at an abbreviation for the Latin word recipe, which means “take.” When you study the Antebellum Period in American history, you are learning about the years before the Civil War because ante in Latin means “before” and bellum means “war.” There are many, many Latin abbreviations, words and phrases in English today because Latin was a language understood and shared by all educated people in western Europe for hundreds of years. This means that many scientific terms like homo sapiens and in vitro are Latin. Latin appears in many legal phrases too, like subpoena and habeas corpus. This workbook will help you learn some of the most important Latin phrases and abbreviations you are likely to meet. There are three main parts to the workbook, each with its own review chapter: one with sententiae or phrases, one with mottoes, and one with abbreviations. In the first section, you will find 180 Latin phrases, one for each day of the school year. There are five phrases on each page so that you can see a whole week’s work at once, or look ahead if you wish. There are exercises to help you learn each group of phrases. The second section of the workbook contains Latin mottoes of states, schools, colleges, families, and organizations. These are organized in such a way that you can cover one page of mottoes each week for eighteen weeks. Each page of mottoes is followed by exercises. In all three sections of the workbook you will find lots of English words with Latin roots. In the third section of the workbook you will find 29 Latin abbreviations. This section is actually a review because you will recognize all of the abbreviations from the phrases you learned in the first section. The phrase section of the workbook can be completed easily in one school year. The abbreviations plus the mottoes are intended to take half a year. Of course, you may want to skip around or to go slower or faster. There are games and project suggestions to help you learn, but you will also need to make flashcards or type each phrase, abbreviation or motto as you learn it. After all, labor omnia vincit! You may decide to keep a scrapbook or a bulletin board of all the Latin phrases you find in newspapers, magazines, advertisements, and books. Once you begin to recognize the Latin phrases and abbreviations, you will be amazed at how often you see them, and you will feel really smart! So, tempus fugit, carpe diem, but festina lente, and most of all, have fun! Elizabeth Heimbach. Madeira, 2004. ...

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