Boozhie E. X. - The Outlaw's Bible

Author : Boozhie E. X.
Title : The Outlaw's Bible How to evade the system using constitutional strategy
Year : 1985

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This book is dedicated to The Caps, who shall not be referred to herein as "pigs" out of respect for the species of animals. FORWARD. Every now and then the forces of time, circumstance, and fate come together and certain lives and happenings enjoin. I met E.X. Boozhie on the yard of a maximum security prison. He was diligently studying law books, taking notes, and typing voluminous pages of material. Being a '1ailhouse lawyer" myself, 1 instantly thought, "Wow, this guy must have sorne case!" I was eventually introduced to our author, and as we spoke of politics, religion, and philosophy, we came to fi nd that our experiences had brought us to a perception of the American justice system which we shared in common - that it exists only for the benefit of the ultra-rich. What E.X. had been laboring on was his own reaction to this un happy insight; it was the book vou are now holding. The Outlaw's Bible is not just a book for lawbreakers. lt is for ali people who undertake to seriously learn about the "legal rights" supposedly available under the u.s. constitution. The average man or woman never thinks about rights or legalities. I find it strange that there are absolutely no basic studies of law in any public school, yet the Law Library of congress contains an amazing 7,000,000 books on law alone! vou simply can't get through a day without breaking sorne law or other. As you read this rare treatise, remember that sorneday, somehow, you may need to hide from the police and avoid prosecution. This book contains the only nonviolent weapon you can arm yourself with. use it; take it very seriously. Avi Naftel. Arizona State Prison. 1985 ...

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