Tuesday, April 7 2020

Cobb Jim - Prepper's survival hacks

Author : Cobb Jim Title : Prepper's survival hacks Year : 2015 Link download : Cobb_Jim_-_Prepper_s_survival_hacks.zip Introduction. This book is very different from the others I’ve written. Many readers of my previous books have asked for more photos. The thing is, in my other books, there really  […]

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Thursday, April 11 2019

Cobb Jim - Prepper's long-term survival guide

Author : Cobb Jim Title : Prepper's long-term survival guide Food, shelter, security, off-the-grid power and more life-saving strategies for self-sufficient living Year : 2014 Link download : Cobb_Jim_-_Prepper_s_long-term_survival_guide.zip Foreword. In the world of survivalists and preppers, I  […]

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