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mercredi, février 21 2018

Swenson David - Ashtanga Yoga The practice manual

Author : Swenson David Title : Ashtanga Yoga The practice manual Year : 2004 Link download : What does a Yogi look like ? My biological family has been one of the greatest sources for support and example in my life. From my earl iest memories my  […]

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Thomas Helen - Effortless ayurvedic living

Author : Thomas Helen Title : Effortless ayurvedic living Year : 2008 Link download : About The Author : Since 1987 Dr. Helen Thomas, D.C. has treated thousands of patients, on a daily basis, with the 3,000 year old science of Ayurvedic medicine. She  […]

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Rele Vasant G. - The mysterious Kundalini

Author : Rele Vasant G. Title : The mysterious Kundalini Year : 1927 Link download : The physical basis of the "Kundali (Hatha) Yoga" in terms of western anatomy and physiology. ...  […]

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Ramaswami Srivatsa - The complete book of Vinyasa Yoga

Author : Ramaswami Srivatsa Title : The complete book of Vinyasa Yoga Year : 2005 Link download : The authoritative presentation-based on 30 years of direct study under the legendary yoga teacher Krishnamacharya. ...  […]

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Mulder Jay Dharma - Simply Ayurveda

Author : Mulder Jay Dharma Title : Simply Ayurveda The philosophy of life & health Year : * Link download : The quality of knowledge. Many students of Ayurveda might wonder, ‘Why on earth is another text on Ayurveda necessary ? Surely the market place is  […]

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Lonsdorf Nancy - Ayurveda healthcare for the prevention of disease and reversal of imbalance

Author : Lonsdorf Nancy Title : Ayurveda healthcare for the prevention of disease and reversal of imbalance Year : 2004 Link download : Chapter 1. Daily Routine. Health is won or lost in how we live  […]

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mardi, février 13 2018

Joshi Sunil V. - Ayurveda and panchakarma

Auteur : Joshi Sunil V. Ouvrage : Ayurveda and panchakarma The science of healing and rejuvenation Année : 1997 Lien de téléchargement : Foreword. Human beings are suffering despite access to technological advances that offer the promise of unequaled  […]

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dimanche, février 11 2018

Mendelsohn Robert S. - Confessions of a medical heretic

Author : Mendelsohn Robert S. Title : Confessions of a medical heretic Year : 1979 Link download : I do not believe in Modern Medicine. I am a medical heretic. My aim in this book is to persuade you to become a heretic, too. I haven't  […]

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Hebbar Janardhana V. - Introduction to Ayurveda

Author : Hebbar Janardhana V. Title : Introduction to Ayurveda Year : 2013 Link download : Chapter 1 : Ayurveda - A Unique Combination Of Way Of Life And Therapeutics. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian wisdom of health and healing. The word Ayurveda  […]

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lundi, février 5 2018

Pandit M. P. - Kundalini Yoga

Author : Pandit M. P. Title : Kundalini Yoga A Brief study of Sir John Woodroffe's "The Serpent Power" Year : 1959 Link download : Preface. One of the most important arrivals in the world of books of late is The Serpent Power by Sir John Woodroffe. Now  […]

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jeudi, février 1 2018

Khare C. P. - Ayurvedic pharmacopoeial plant drugs

Author : Khare C. P. Title : Ayurvedic pharmacopoeial plant drugs Year : 2016 Link download : Drug Variants of the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India. AASAVA AND ARISHTA. These are medicinal preparations made by soaking the drugs, either in powder  […]

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Khare C. P. - The modern Ayurveda

Author : Khare C. P. Title : The modern Ayurveda Milestones beyond the classical age Year : 2012 Link download : How the Concept of Modern Ayurveda Emerged. C. P. Khare. In 1988 V. C. Burman (now emeritus chairman of Dabur India) had a patch of dermatitis on his  […]

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Rosen Richard - Yoga for 50 plus

Author : Rosen Richard Title : Yoga for 50 plus Modified poses and techniques for a safe practice Year : 2004 Link download : Introduction. I turned fifty a few years ago. I didn’t think much about it - that is, until the envelope arrived from the American  […]

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Rosen Richard - The Yoga of breath

Author : Rosen Richard Title : The Yoga of breath Year : 2011 Link download : Foreword. A cool breeze on the sweat of your brow on a hot summer day - that’s how I feel every morning when I take my first sips of conscious air. At this point it takes very little  […]

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Rosen Richard - Pranayama Beyond the Fundamentals

Author : Rosen Richard Title : Pranayama Beyond the Fundamentals Year : 2013 Link download : Introduction. I Take Refuge in the Breath. I take refuge in the breath. Breath is all this, whatever there is, and all that ever will be. I take refuge  […]

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Rosen Richard - Original Yoga

Author : Rosen Richard Title : Original Yoga Rediscovering traditional practices of Hatha Yoga Year : 2012 Link download : Introduction. The Time Has Come to Talk of Many Things LET ME BEGIN by saying something about what I mean by “original yoga.” Your immediate  […]

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