Garff Jeff - A history of Rife's instruments and frequencies

Author : Garff Jeff
Title : A history of Rife's instruments and frequencies
Year : 2008

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This article from its first writing has been an evolving document according to the new information received. When new information has been obtained we have tried to correct errors regardless of the fact it may change everything that has been previously believed as correct. This article was last updated on 4/11/08. At that time the important information about Dr. Rife’s Colin B. Kennedy equipment was added to this paper. At that time all the information about super- regeneration was removed because the Kennedy equipment was not super-regenerative equipment but was regenerative equipment. The most significant information that came from the analyzing of the Kennedy equipment was, we now know how Dr. Rife’s 1934 instrument worked. The mystery of how his 1934 instrument worked was finally solved! This new updated paper dated 6/4/08 now solves the mystery of how the 1930’s Beam Rays Inc. instruments worked. This instrument was first built by Dr. Rife’s engineer, Philip Hoyland, late in the fall of 1936. These Beam Rays instruments were used by many doctors and they obtained incredible results. No Beam Rays instrument has ever been found and it has always been believed that Philip Hoyland used audio frequencies in this instrument. The new evidence that we now have shows that the Beam Rays instrument did not use the audio frequencies attributed to it. We obtained a copy of Dr. Gruner’s Beam Rays instrument schematic at the 2003 Rife Conference. We gave this schematic to some who tried to figure it out but they made some errors. We gave it to Jim Peters so he could look at it. Because Jim knows old tube technology he was able to easily correct the errors made by others. In this paper we will show how Philip Hoyland’s instrument worked. We will also show that the Beam Rays instrument, through an ingenious method, output the same frequencies that the Kennedy equipment and the Rife Ray #4 instruments did. As in the past, when new information about any of Dr. Rife’s instruments is obtained this article will be updated at that time. This article dated 6/4/08 takes precedence over all previous dates. In this article we will examine the way Dr. Rife’s instruments worked. We will look at the evidence by quoting the sources such as Dr. Rife, John Crane, John Marsh, Dr. Couche, Dr. Lara, Dr. Stafford and Bertrand L. Comparet (Dr. Rife’s attorney in the 1939 Beam Rays Corporation trial, and later John Crane’s attorney for Life Labs’ trial in 1961). Hopefully anyone who reads this article will have a better understanding about Dr. Rife and the methods he used. Our goal is to try to give people information so that they can make a more informed decision. We have tried to explain in layman’s terms so that anyone can understand. We hope this will be helpful. ...

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